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    API 936 “Refractory Practicioner” Inspector

    GAZZANIGA srl considers it essential for the quality of services the constant training of its technical staff and today can communicate with satisfaction that Diego Cassina (Project Manager) has obtained from API (American Petroleum Institute) the certification of “Refractory Practicioner” inspector, in English, according to the standard API RP 936; this is a figure that […]

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  • METEC-2015

    Metec 2015: Metallurgy trade fair

    The ninth Metec, Metallurgy trade fair, will take place from Tuesday, 16.06.2015 to Saturday, 20.06.2015 in Düsseldorf. The fair will  concentrate on metals and the complex, innovative methods used to process them.For further information:

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  • Senza titolo

    Creating Value in Small-and-Medium Enterprises

    Gazzaniga srl ​​adheres to the projects of the DGR 448 dated 04.04.2014 with the topic: Creating Value in Small-and-Medium Enterprises: corporate social responsibility – experimental project. European Social Fund together with the European Fund for Region

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  • 1_safetday2015_tab

    Eni safety day

    Monday, March 30, 2015 at the Conference Hall of the 1st Offices at San Donato Milanese took place the event “Safety Day” organized by ENI to exploit the results obtained in the field of security and recognize companies that have distinguished themselves

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  • seminars  conferences  further education for engineers   VDI Wissensforum   VDI Wissensforum


    Gazzaniga srl will take part in the meeting of the 18th-19th June, in Schwandorf, Bavaria, Germany, organized by Prewin Network, on the themes ” Flue gas, emissions and residues”.Go to website

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